Justice At Last: Recommendation n.1

Victims in irregular situations are often not able to report exploitation, as they face arrest and deportation because of their irregular status.

We call for a ‘firewall’ that allows workers to safely file a complaint and get access to services and justice, without facing immigration enforcement as a result. This would empower workers, uphold fundamental rights, tackle abuses, and promote fair business practice. It would also ensure that all cases are properly investigated, that perpetrators are held to account, and all victims can come forward

*The Justice at Last consortium calls upon European governments to ensure that trafficked and severely exploited persons can access their right to compensation in practice. Although the right to compensation is internationally recognised and established in EU and national legislation, many barriers remain that prevent them from effectively accessing and enjoying this right.

Know your Rights – Claim compensation is a campaign launched in the framework of the project Justice at Last – European Action for Compensation for Victims of Crime. This project is partly funded by the European Union’s Justice Program (2014-2020).